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South Tower 2

This tower was built in the middle of the area and presents several types of dwellings with a very comfortable and high class room decoration concept, namely namely type Lumière for 2 bedrooms, type Vivre for 3 bedrooms, and also type Énorme for 4 Bedrooms with a range of 10 dwellings per floor. This tower structure in the middle is designed to carry out processing of various kinds of residence needs. It offers limited Garden Penthouse named type Fierté for relaxing in a peaceful life. This luxurious tower is filled with natural light and has a calming outlook of greenery or cities from its bay window.

Available Units

Even more spacious home for you and your family. All three bedrooms are very spacious and the unit has wider dining area. EleVee 3 Bedroom unit give you option of having maid's room.

  • Icon 3  BR
  • Icon 2  BR
  • Icon 156 m2
  • Icon FL : 3-50
  • Icon PET

Spacious living for yourself or your family, unlike typical 2 bedroom apartment. Both bedrooms are very spacious, suitable for king size bed and wardrobe. Enjoy EleVee 2 Bedroom unit with 2 options: one or two bathroom.

  • Icon 2  BR
  • Icon 2  BR
  • Icon 109,2 m2
  • Icon FL : 3-37
  • Icon PET

Our 4 bedroom unit design with utmost luxury. It is elegantly designed and equipped with largest living room areas and has one office area that you can turn into 5th bedroom.

  • Icon 4  BR
  • Icon 3  BR
  • Icon 236,8 m2
  • Icon FL : 26-37

Building Specifications

  • Structure

    • Reinforced concrete frame with bored pile foundation

  • Exterior Wall

    • Weatherproof paint on plastered brick wall / lightweight brick wall / precast panel

  • Interior Wall

    • Interior paint on plastered lightweight brick wall

  • Flooring

    • Homogeneous Tiles & Ceramic Tiles General HT 100x100 cm; Bedroom HT 100x100cm; Entrance Threshold HT 100x100cm; Balcony 15x60cm; Master Bathroom HT 60x60cm; Wall HT 30x60cm; Common Bathroom HT 60x60 cm; Wall HT 30x60cm; AC Ledge 40x40cm; Public Corridor Typical Floor 40x40cm; Service Area 40x40cm; Maid’s bedroom and bathroom HT 60x60cm.

  • General Area Ceiling

    • Gypsum Board

  • Bathroom Ceiling

    • Doors and Gypsum Water Resistant

  • Sanitary

    • Toto & Kohler (Penthouse)

  • Top Table

    • Marble / Solid Surface

  • Kitchen Set & Appliances

    • Provided

  • Main Door

    • Melamine finishing (main door) and wood paint (internal doors) on engineering door system.

  • Ext Windows & Doors

    • Powder coated aluminium with glass

  • Drying Area Door

    • Aluminium Door with Louvre / Grill

  • Smart Home

    • Smart cloud camera, smart switch, smart magnetic contact sensor, smart IR Transmitter

  • Air Conditioner

    • Provided

  • Electricity

    • 2BR: 4400 VA; 3BR: 5500 VA; 2BR PH: 5500 VA; 3BR PH : 7040 VA

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